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configuring documentquery

i am trying to configure connect 4.7 for document query to see if it can talk to our internal registry. i am testing it with universalclient which comes it with the binary.

i have following questions in this regards as i am confused with different endpoints in the internalconnectioninfo.xml

1) is this the right way to test . if not is there a way to test whether our connect installation can talk to our internal HIE
2) if yes then which endpoint should i configure.  adapterdocquery,entitydocquery or adapterxdsdocregistry.
I am confused with these entity and adapter services which one to use so that the CONNECT installation. based on my understanding entity is used to communicate with external connect gateways and adapter is used to internal HIE. i am not sure if this is correct.
there is another set of adaptercomponent  endpoints.
In connect 3.3 we configured adapterxdsdocregistry to talk toour internal HIE (registry). That is not working in this installation. I find that when i call for document query on universal client it calles entitydocquery.

I am sorry to say the documentation is not clear how to use CONNECT. the documentationis very poor and fail to give a clear picture of how to install the software.

Any help in this is really appreciated. we should have some documentation regarding what and how to configurewith sampels in various scenarios.