NwHIN 2010 vs 2011 Spec

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NwHIN 2010 vs 2011 Spec

I'm trying to establish how CONNECT knows which version of the spec to use given a choice.

For example, I grabbed this from the UDDI:

            <businessService serviceKey="uddi:HealthInformationNetworkofArizonaGWVAL01:PatientDiscovery" businessKey="uddi:HealthInformationNetworkofArizonaGWVAL01:2.16.840.1.113883.3.1970.2">
                <name xml:lang="en">Patient Discovery</name>
                <description xml:lang="en">This is an implementation of the eHealth Exchange Patient Discovery Specification</description>
                    <bindingTemplate bindingKey="uddi:495eac70-ceb2-11e5-a6e7-ce784e70a58d" serviceKey="uddi:HealthInformationNetworkofArizonaGWVAL01:PatientDiscovery">
                        <accessPoint useType="endPoint">https://hinaztestmr.myhie.com:4437/Gateway/PatientDiscovery/1_0/NhinService/NhinPatientDiscovery</accessPoint>
                            <keyedReference tModelKey="uddi:nhin:versionofservice" keyName="" keyValue="1.0"/>
                            <keyedReference tModelKey="uddi:nhin:versionofservice" keyName="" keyValue="2.0"/>

Which indicates that that endpoint supports both 2010 and 2011 spec.


If I were to reach out to that endpoint with a PD, which spec would my request use?

Does it default to 2.0 (2011) when given the choice?


If I wanted to specifically choose 2010 in the above scenario, how would I accomplish that? (Is it possible? Or is that somewhere in my adapter?)
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Re: NwHIN 2010 vs 2011 Spec

hi John,

In this case, Connect targets the highest spec first by default.  If you want to target 2010, you can simply remove <keyedReference tModelKey="uddi:nhin:versionofservice" keyName="" keyValue="1.0"/>.

Hope this answer your question.

CONNECT Product Team
Minh-Hai Nguyen
CONNECT Product Team Member