Null pointer with patient correlation in HL7PRPA201301Transforms

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Null pointer with patient correlation in HL7PRPA201301Transforms

Jeff C.
Hey guys,

I'm getting the following null pointer when CONNECT tries to correlate patient IDs after receiving a patient discovery response:

        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.transform.subdisc.HL7PRPA201301Transforms.copySender(
        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.transform.subdisc.HL7PRPA201301Transforms.createPRPA201301(
        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.patientdiscovery.response.TrustMode.sendToPatientCorrelationComponent(
        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.patientdiscovery.response.TrustMode.processResponse(
        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.patientdiscovery.entity.OutboundPatientDiscoveryProcessor.processResponse(
        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.patientdiscovery.entity.OutboundPatientDiscoveryProcessor.processResponse(
        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.patientdiscovery.entity.OutboundPatientDiscoveryProcessor.processNhinResponse(
        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.gateway.executorservice.NhinTaskExecutor.executeTask(
        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.patientdiscovery.outbound.StandardOutboundPatientDiscovery.getResponseFromCommunities(
        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.patientdiscovery.outbound.StandardOutboundPatientDiscovery.respondingGatewayPRPAIN201305UV02(
        at gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.patientdiscovery.outbound.StandardOutboundPatientDiscovery$$FastClassByCGLIB$$2a321407.invoke(<generated>)

Here's the line that's failing in HL7PRPA201301Transforms:


And based on the sender we're getting back:

<sender typeCode="SND">
    <device classCode="DEV" determinerCode="INSTANCE">
        <id root="2.16.840.1.113883.3.2591.600."/>
        <telecom value=""/>

The null pointer is because there's no asAgent element.

I don't think the endpoint we're sending to is willing to change the response they're sending back. Is there any way around this? Will I just have to patch this locally?

This is with CONNECT 4.4.1.

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Re: Null pointer with patient correlation in HL7PRPA201301Transforms

Hey Jeff,

    We've opened a ticket for this Sprint to look into the issue, but on a cursory glance, the only way around this for now will be a local patch that wraps all the AsAgent-related lines in a null check against .getAsAgent().  I will update you when we have had a chance to look further into this issue.


Chris May
CONNECT Product Team