How to configure CONNECT 4.7

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How to configure CONNECT 4.7

We have deployed CONNECT 4.7 on Wildfly 10.1.10.

SoapUI validation passed except a minor failure on jdbc connection on Patient Discovery.

Also i want to know if/how i can configure universal client to talk to our HIE?  

right now i just want to integrate to our MPI,REG and REPO and see if the installation works. Basically to our HIE . Can we achieve that with this installation or not? if so how? Any pointers to documentation.
FYI, we are upgrading from 3.3 to 4.7  and we see that there are lot of changes in terms of configuration. in 3.3 we just had to change internalconnection.xml and some other property files. But in 4.7 we see different service wsdl endpoints internalconnection.xml and we are not sure what kind of configuration changes we need to make to make it work.

I also want to know if we can use universal client to test the configuration