How to Configure Patient Correlation Expiration Length?

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How to Configure Patient Correlation Expiration Length?

Hello All,

I did some testing today and found that our patient correlation table (patientcorrelationdb) holds on to a newly correlated identifier as "valid" for a period of one year. This is CONNECT 4.4.1.

I have a use case that needs to customize this. By PatientAssigningAuthorityId would be ideal, but across the board is a workable case as well.

I researched this forum and the wiki, the closest hit I found was talking about performance here:

Which points me to the juicy-looking "PatientCorrelationConfig.xml", but (at least in our likely-default implementation) I don't see a useful looking setting in there.

I assume there's a configuration "somewhere", but it's probably missing so the gateway is defaulting to the (presumed) hard-set default value of one year.

So I pose the question to the community:

If I wanted to set my correlations to expire after, say, one month, how would I do it?

Creating a process to manually update or remove these is a possibility I've considered, but I consider it a Plan B- I'd prefer a native product solution.

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