Custom Assertion AttributeStatements

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Custom Assertion AttributeStatements

Jeff C.
Hey guys,

Is it possible to send custom AttributeStatements to the CONNECT gateway? In Aurion, I'm able to send something like this in my assertion:


Which results in the following:

<saml2:Attribute Name="UserOrganizationOID" NameFormat="">
    <saml2:AttributeValue xmlns:ns6="" xmlns:ns7="" ns6:type="ns7:string">1.1</saml2:AttributeValue>

It looks like the AssertionType class used by CONNECT doesn't have this "samlAttributeAssertion" field though. Is there another way to do this? I'm using CONNECT 4.3.

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Re: Custom Assertion AttributeStatements

Naresh Subramanyan
Currently only the the elements defined in the AssertionType (check NhincCommon.xsd schema) are supported. You can modify the source to add custom assertion attributes, below are the steps:

1) Change the AssertionType in NhincCommon.xsd schema (Add a new element with name/value or any type based on your requirement)
2) Generate Common Types and Connect WebServices jars
3) Use the Common Types and Connect WebServices jars in CONNECT
4) Add the respective getters in gov/hhs/fha/nhinc/callback/openSAML/ &
5) Extract the value from the entity and set it on the request context --> gov/hhs/fha/nhinc/saml/extraction/
6) Create the new Attribute (Attribute statement) that you need to pass to the other gateway  --> gov/hhs/fha/nhinc/callback/openSAML/ & gov/hhs/fha/nhinc/callback/openSAML/

Let us know how it goes, please contribute the code to the community if possible.

CONNECT Product Team