CorrelatedIdentifiers - How To Make Use Of Them?

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CorrelatedIdentifiers - How To Make Use Of Them?

Hi All,

Quick conceptual question. I'm watching my CONNECT 4.7 build up a nice library of patient correlations in its native mysql correlatedidentifiers database. I know that I can use these to conditionally bypass an XCPD and skip straight to a XCA DQ if I have an existing correlation in it for the patient I'm looking at (i.e. I've done an XCPD for him with a successful patient found response recently).

My question is this- is this the job of the adapters to do a lookup in the correlatedidentifiers table to see if this correlation exists and then decide whether to skip to the DQ or not, or is there some functionality on the CONNECT side that I can take advantage of for this?

Not a big deal either way, but I thought it was worth asking.

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