ClinCapture community reaches 1 anniversary!

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ClinCapture community reaches 1 anniversary!

Hi all,

I'm the community manager for another open source project, this one based on electronic data capture for Clinical Trials, and we've just reached our one year anniversary!

I wanted to share this achievement with you guys as fans of, and developers in, open source healthcare software. Our primary aim to make Electronic Data Capture available across the world without the premium licence fees currently afforded to it.

This means that small companies can start research on those drugs that remain unsupported by large pharmaceutical companies that might not be deem them to profitable enough due to their niche, but that could really make an impact across the globe.

I'd really love for you guys to take a look at the environment we've set up, and get any feedback on how you think we might improve. Our codebase is Java and if anyone feels like they might want to contribute I'd really encourage you to do so!