CONNECT 5.1 released!

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CONNECT 5.1 released!

Sovann Huynh
Installing and setting up CONNECT has never been easier. If you haven't utilized the CONNECT Admin GUI in the past, now is a great time to start with these exciting new features:

- Exchange Manager: The new organization/endpoint location system is compatible with both UDDI-based and FHIR-based healthcare provider directories. The Exchange Manager GUI offers simple exchange setup and on-demand data refresh without a server restart.

- Certificate Manager: Add, delete and view your X.509 digital certificates right from the CONNECT Admin GUI console. Reload certificates without the burden of a server restart.

- Test Data Loader: Easily manage patient and document test data for use with the CONNECT reference implementation. Adding, deleting and duplicating test data with automated patient identifier cascading across patient and document records.

Check out these new features and more today!
CONNECT Product Team Member