CONNECT 4.7 is here!

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CONNECT 4.7 is here!

The CONNECT Product Team is happy to announce the release and general availability of CONNECT 4.7 for the community.  

CONNECT 4.7 continues to build upon and implement enhancements furthering CONNECT as an interoperability platform. This minor release focuses on dependency upgrades and security improvements. Some key features include upgrading Hibernate from 3.2.5 to 5.1.0 to support the VA TRM requirements, improving security for the System Administration Module, migrating the automated test environment to utilize WildFly, providing instructions on configuring WildFly for FIPS compliance, and bug fixes. The team continues to support the open source community

See for full details.

Thanks for your continued support!
The CONNECT Product Team

Jason Smith
Program Manager, FHA CONNECT