CONNECT 4.6 is here!!!

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CONNECT 4.6 is here!!!

Sovann Huynh
The CONNECT Product Team is happy to announce the release and general availability of CONNECT 4.6 for the community.  CONNECT is now an eHealth Exchange Validated Product!

CONNECT 4.6 continues to build upon and implement enhancements furthering CONNECT as an interoperability platform.  Auditing capabilities have been enhanced to ensure NwHIN/ATNA audit logging compliance for Patient Discovery (PD), Query for Documents (QD), Retrieve Documents (RD), Document Submission (DS) and SOAP/X12 services.  In addition, an Audit Viewer feature has been added so that  these audit events can be searched and viewed through the System Administration Module. We rigorously performance-tested CONNECT 4.6 to ensure that it continues to meet or exceed previously-established performance requirements.

See for full details.

Thanks for your continued support!
The CONNECT Product Team
CONNECT Product Team Member