4.X build failures in ValidationSuite

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4.X build failures in ValidationSuite

Naresh Subramanyan
CONNECT community,

During our regular testing, an expired certificate issue was identified related to the SoapUI ValidationSuite embedded server. This is causing CONNECT 4.x source code builds to fail (binary installs are not affected). A ticket has been created to document this issue here: https://issues.connectopensource.org/browse/CONN-733.

A fix is in place for the latest version of CONNECT(4.3.0-SNAPSHOT) . However, since the tags are already cut for CONNECT versions 4.0.0, 4.1.0, and 4.2.0, this change will not fix broken builds on those branches/tags.

To resolve this issue developers can take the latest CONNECT source from the CONNECT branch (https://github.com/CONNECT-Solution/CONNECT/tree/CONNECT) and use git to merge or cherry-pick the necessary commit (hash: 71f0484a6b2a1a1bf590fe0a8bd594a1bebfcaff) into your branch. Alternatively, a copy of the corrected key stores gateway.jks and cacerts.jks can also be found on the CONNECT wiki (with instructions) here: https://developer.connectopensource.org/display/CONNECTWIKI/Frequently+Asked+Questions+and+Tips+for+CONNECT

Thank you for your patience with this issue. Please don't hesitate to post if there are any problems or questions.

CONNECT Product Team